Tuesday, January 24, 2017


China Deploys ICBM System “In Response To Trump's Provocative Remarks”

China is wasting no time to project power in a world in which it believes Donald Trump's "America First" doctrine has created a "superpower...


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DJIA Driven By Fundamentals, Not White House Tweets

The dividend discount value of the DJIA is function of two vectors, the aggregate dividend of its constituents and the yield of the U.S. 30 year T Bond. Since September 1981,...

Gold Bugs Should Be Happy: The Price Of Gold Is Less Manipulated Now

In a number of my previous articles I discussed the data disclosed by the Commitments of Traders reports (COT reports). In this article I would like to look at another set...

Gold Fundamentals Confirm Up Move

We had been bearish on gold (NYSEARCA:GLD) for several months until we publicly turned bullish January 17th. What had concerned us was the knee-jerk reaction to inflation would be higher rates....